Book Drive – 2016

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What is it?

Every year R.K. Foundation provides notebooks for around 700 schools in the rural areas of South India before the new academic year starts. The children of these schools are from an economically poor background. Hence they cannot afford to buy books. Watch this video to find out more. Video Link(Click here)

What are we doing?

Keeping the dire conditions in mind, we at R.K. Foundation have started a crowd funding project. We are looking to raise money to provide 1,30,000 books for this year. So, you might wonder why are we raising money via crowd funding for the first time. Previously the Book Drive was successfully financed by Multi National Companies in Bangalore. But due to the change in management and other such reasons this year we have not received any funding this year. The need for notebooks has not disappeared therefore we decided go for crowd funding.

What do we need the money for?

We need to buy around 1,30,000 notebooks for this academic year so that the 30,000 children in these schools have the bare minimum requirement fulfilled for education.We are also looking to provide them pencils(60,000), sharpeners and erasers(30,000 each). We are going to provide a combination of Single Line, Double Line, Four Line, Maths Books, Long Note Books based on the class in which the child is studying. The per child/per class requirement is as shown in the image below. The cost per Long notebook is Rs. 26 and all other books are at Rs 13.50 each.


What can you do?

You can help us by raising the money for those books and help the kids to fulfill their dreams.

Click HERE to donate

We also know that some of you might find it hard to donate money due to different reasons. In that case if you can volunteer and donate your time we would love to involve you in this social cause.

You can do the same by :

  1. Spreading the message in your office, society and to your friends and family.
  2. Buy/Collect books/pencil/eraser from your office/society/ friends/families instead of money
  3. Sharing the post on your Facebook page.
  4. Help us in distributing the books to different schools.
  5. Volunteering for teaching kids on weekends.

and much more…..

No matter which option you choose, we thank you for being #Noteworthy.

How to contact us?

Facebook    |   Website   | Crowdfunding

You can write to us at – or

Contact Numbers: Aditya: +919916328321 | Puneet: +919844540715



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